Our Commitment

Our Mission

A faith-based not-for-profit community serving people 62 years and older through a continuum of services enhancing an individual’s quality of life.

Founded in 1980, Oak Crest is an independent not-for-profit community overseen by an ecumenical Board of Trustees. Oak Crest is committed to providing senior adults with comprehensive physical and social services while creating a quality of life characterized by independence and security.

Our Vision

To be an innovative leader in senior adult services.

Our ongoing commitment to the residents we serve goes well beyond our contractual obligation for guaranteed life care and financial security. Our mission as a faith-based not-for-profit community serving individuals 62 years and older through a continuum of services that enhance their quality of life is clear.

Our vision for the future is one of innovation. The changing and ever-evolving field of long-term care and service provides an opportunity for growth and development. As an organization committed to this vision Oak Crest leadership planned and constructed larger duplex homes, a state of the art health care facility, and developed wellness and social programming second to none.

Our Values

Service, People, & Community

Oak Crest is a service-driven organization that values the extended community and the people who work and live at Oak Crest. With this in mind, we insure that resident needs and desires are not only met, but also anticipated. This is accomplished through training in the areas of communication, hospitality, and problem solving. At Oak Crest, we understand better than anyone that truly outstanding performances, the ones that seem so effortless, come about only through commitment, day in and day out, improving the quality of every detail, of every step, of every task. You can be assured that we are here to meet and exceed your expectations now and in the future. This is our commitment to you.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

Everyone is encouraged to take action to exceed customer expectations.

Oak Crest is committed to providing individualized service to meet the current and future needs of the Oak Crest consumer.  Each employee is educated and empowered to respond to the varied needs and desires of everyone with whom they come in contact.