Charitable Giving

  • Good Samaritan Fund
  • Employee Scholarship
  • Designated Gifts/Bequests

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People make gifts to Oak Crest because they know for certain that they will help others in need. Gifts can be made in memory of, or in honor of, a friend or loved ones. There are a number of gifting opportunities available and the benefits are innumerable. As always, gifts to the Oak Crest are tax deductible and always appreciated. For further information or if you have any questions regarding contributions to the DeKalb Area Retirement Center please call or write:

Good Samaritan Fund

This fund was established to support those individuals who have outlived their financial resources. Supported solely by donations this fund enables Oak Crest to maintain our commitment to continuing care. Currently, nearly $100,000 annually is utilized by residents.

Employee Scholarship

Established in 2006 through a donation from the estate of former resident and long-time Oak Crest supporter Jack Boyle, the Employee Scholarship provides a legacy for future generations. The scholarship encourages and assists employees and their dependents in the pursuit of an undergraduate degree or equivalent program of study. A scholarship up to $5,000 is awarded yearly. Jack’s daughter, Pat Boyle-Cordes said, “…Oak Crest employees are knowledgeable, caring, supportive, loving group of people, who when I needed it most held me up, held me together, and held my hand. I never felt alone. The Oak Crest Employee Scholarship is just one opportunity to give back to people who truly enrich the lives of others.” Donations to the Center are tax deductible and more importantly provide the donor an opportunity to truly impact the lives of others.

Scholarship Recipients pictured L-R: Cassandra Hightower, Veronica Cieslica, Luke Hoppenworth, Nicole Hebel and Katherine Sherman

Designated Gifts/Bequests

This type of charitable gift allows the donor the opportunity to define and fund a particular project or program. In the past, donors have funded such projects as covered entryways and flowering gardens. With the upcoming Health Care Center expansion the opportunities for gifting are endless.