Imagine coming home to surroundings that address your preferences and desires, a residence that assures your independence and financial security, while leaving you free to pursue goals and interests, as well as a community whose essence reflects the individual preferences of its residents.

Such a community does exist, not in a dream, but in reality: DeKalb Area Retirement Center – Oak Crest is that community. To experience this unique environment is to savor all the wonderful privileges of retirement living.

The foundation of Oak Crest isn’t brick and mortar, but a commitment to exploring and expanding the potential of mature adult living. Oak Crest is a community offering life care living options.  Individuals choosing Oak Crest may select from independent duplex units, or apartment homes with a future commitment for additional care and, services in the form of sheltered personal care apartments as well as a licensed intermediate/skilled nursing facility.  It’s all here on one campus and built on the belief that meeting and exceeding each resident’s expectation takes precedence over all else.