Residents at Oak Crest have all the same opportunities they had living at home and much more. The main difference is that Oak Crest offers security and comfort without worry. You remain as independent as you were before.
The time to make decisions about your future is now. It is so important that you make choices while they are yours to make. Oak Crest residents enjoy independence with our guarantee of future security
Absolutely not. Applicants must complete a financial statement disclosing assets and income. This information is kept in strict confidence and is used to determine whether someone will be able to fulfill their financial obligations should they be accepted at Oak Crest.
No. Oak Crest has a commitment to its residents that guarantees, should someone outlive their resources, they would be provided a home here. We accomplish this, through the Good Samaritan Fund. The Center does not assume control over an individuals assets.
Part of Oak Crest's philosophy deals with community awareness and education. When someone calls with a question or stops by for a visit we try to answer questions with complete and concise information about Oak Crest. We hope that applicants never feel pressured. We pride ourselves on being cooperative, informative and friendly. You may simply call and request information to be mailed. After reviewing the information, if you would like a tour just give us a call. Of course, just stopping by is always fine and we'd love to show you around.