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Dining Services

Dining at Oak Crest is a true culinary delight.  Flexible meal and dining options allow diners the opportunity to enjoy meals in a variety of settings:

  • Group Dining Rooms
    • Garden View
    • Courtyard
    • Terrace View
  • Intimate Dining
    • Rose Trellis
    • Private Dining Room
  • Destination Dining
    • Cafe
    • Bistro

Intimate Dining:

Rose Trellis

The Rose Trellis Dining Room seats up to 16 and is elegantly furnished and decorated in deep cherry and soft greens. Beautiful crystal chandeliers cast a soft glow and are reflected in the mirror on the mantel. The Rose Trellis Room is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner with friends and loved ones.

Private Dining Room

The Private Dining Room seats up to 12 is a warm, friendly, and inviting room decorated in natural greens and warm oak. Two ornate glass chandeliers reflect upon a wooden dining table with plenty of room to comfortably entertain larger groups.

Destination Dining:


With its French inspired decor, the Cafe offers diners a light lunch fare and the opportunity to enjoy great food and companionship.


For diners looking for a more relaxed dining experience,  the Bistro’s menu features full meals, appetizers, and cocktails.  Join good friends around a table or enjoy a glass of wine on our patio.