Board of Trustees

In 1978, a voluntary Board of Trustees was established for the governance, fiscal responsibilities, and strategic direction of theĀ DeKalb Area Retirement Center. Members from surrounding communities represent a variety of interests and are chosen for their ability and willingness to contribute in various ways to the success of the organization. Terms of service are for a period of three years with a limit of two consecutive terms.

Current Board of Trustees Include:

  • Joe Bothe
  • Karen Daleo
  • Angela Delmont
  • Kayte Hamel
  • Carol Larson
  • Roger Maas
  • Dr. Jennifer McCormick
  • Lynn Neeley
  • Doug Nelson
  • Aaron Nevdal
  • Barb Parness
  • Nancy Prange
  • Doug Stice
  • Dr. Michael Thornton
  • David VanBuren

Ex officio members:

  • Rev Jonathan Crail
  • Rev Dr. Brian Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Timothy Lynch