Ways To Give

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers of all ages and all walks of life may choose from a wide variety of programs and events. At Oak Crest, the social, cultural, and recreational programs, coupled with our woodworking/craft room, exercise area, library and garden provide you, your friends, or your family with endless volunteer choices and opportunities Make new friends while gaining companionships with new and wonderful individuals. Whatever your interest, Oak Crest has a program that is right for you. Oak Crest volunteers can enjoy social opportunities by coordinating and participating in special events with other volunteers including parties, dances, luncheon outings, community plays, concerts, and much more. The opportunities here are endless.

We offer you the opportunity to become involved, so that you can feel the sense of fulfillment that comes from giving to others. Come and experience Oak Crest, the most unique and complete retirement community in DeKalb County. We offer flexible and personalized volunteer opportunities. We think you'll get as much out of the volunteer program as you pour into it. Ask any one of our volunteers, and they'll tell you that this is an experience your whole family can share, working together to tell someone "we care."


As an organization committed to the advancement of individuals in the field of long-term care, we believe in offering students the best opportunities to enhance the future of healthcare. Internships are available that address professional development. Share your talents while building on your experiences. Whatever your area of interest, Oak Crest can offer an internship experience meaningful to you and your career path. Internships are available but not limited to:

  • Social Services
  • Public Health
  • Nursing
  • Dietetics