"We looked for a perfect value and found it..."

We know that in this day and age everyone is looking for value. We're no different. We might compromise on the cereal we buy or the shampoo we use. But one area we weren't willing to compromise on is our future. We looked around, visited other communities, compared pricing, amenities and services and found just what we were looking for right here in DeKalb. We were amazed at the difference in pricing and really impressed with the quality of care and service backed by Oak Crest's nearly thirty years of experience. When we made our decision to make our home here at Oak Crest we knew that we were joining a life care community that not only offers value but values what is important to us.

Richard & Sharon Retrum

"Seeing is Believing..."

You have probably heard the saying, seeing is believing. We had heard it too. But each and every time we visited other retirement communities we found out they just weren't able to live up to our expectations. At some point during our search someone told us that Oak Crest has it all - great accommodations, unbeatable amenities and future security. I'll be honest with you, we were still a little skeptical. Then we visited Oak Crest and after meeting the friendly staff and talking with people who make Oak Crest their home we were convinced. Now, we call Oak Crest home and tell everyone we meet that it's true. Oak Crest has it all and so do we.

Lloyd & Helen Maurer

"There's no place like home..."

You've heard it and maybe you've even said it yourself. We know it crossed our minds. Then we came out to Oak Crest, visited with the friendly and caring staff, toured the beautiful grounds and homes, talked to the people who call Oak Crest home and it hit us. Home isn't a place it's a feeling. It is a feeling of belonging, the assurance of security, a sense of community and peace of mind. Here at Oak Crest we have it all and more. Oak Crest is so much more than a place, it's home.

William & Isobel Cummings

"Been there, done that..."

I hate to admit it and probably shouldn't but I hate to cook, clean, and tend a yard. Oh, there was a time when I didn't mind standing watch over a hot stove and later washing up a pile of dirty dishes. I didn't even mind the leaf raking and the occasional snow shoveling. But, I'll be honest with you I have better things to do with my time. I would rather travel, visit with friends, take long walks and pursue my other interests. I love everything that Oak Crest offers and I am especially appreciative that they have taken much of the worry and work out of my day. Been there and done it pretty much sums up much of my life before Oak Crest and haven't been there haven't done it yet sums up life now. Why are you waiting. Come and enjoy the Oak Crest experience.

Marian Klevgard