Board of Trustees

In 1978, a voluntary Board of Trustees was established for the general control, business management, and prudential concern of the DeKalb Area Retirement Center. Members from surrounding communities represent a variety of interests, and are chosen for ability and willingness to contribute in various ways to the success of the organization. Terms of service are for a period of three years with a limit of two consecutive terms.

The following represents the 2012 Board of Trustees:

  • Tami Armstrong
  • Tim Dunlop
  • Jason Friedrichs
  • Rev Joe Gastiger
  • Karen Grush
  • Donald Hettel
  • Kevin Hickey
  • Rev. Jon Hutchinson
  • Bill Lenschow
  • Bernie Looney
  • Dave Louis
  • Karen Manning
  • Linda Mason
  • Mary Jo McAdams
  • Lina Ong
  • Brian Scholle
  • Kathleen Spears
  • Dick Stokke
  • Paul Stromborg
  • Rev Dick Wisdom